What a Difference a Day Makes

1 06 2015

Today was a lovely day of cycling. We left Burns Lake at about 8:30, leaving our very cosy motel room,  anticipating a long ride to Vanderhoof.  Along the way we kept shedding layers of clothing as the day warmed up.


Anything for a claim to fame. The last spike of the the second Canadian railway.

This was a wildlife day–one deer,  one single bear, and a momma bear with her two cubs.  Ken is very nonchalant about bears. I, on the other hand, am not, and refused to stop in order to take a picture. It will simply be a memory,  with no photographic proof.

In contrast,  yesterday was not a lot of fun.  It was raining when we left Houston,  it was still raining several hours later. 


Having a snack in the driest place we could find.

By the time we got to Burns Lake, it had stopped raining but was a balmy 7 degrees.  If it was a Friday morning in Wingham,  we would have said it was too cold and wet,  and simply had a second coffee at Coffee Culture.


Still better than a tent.

Today, after 130 km of riding, we arrived at the home of our Warm Showers hosts,  Jolinka and John.  Whenever you meet new people the instinct is to find a connection between your life and theirs.  In this case it didn’t take long. Jolinka comes from a Christian Reformed background,  John and Jolinka have worked with CRWRC, and Jolinka went to high school with some of my BC cousins.


John and Jolinka

I very much enjoyed their company and their lovely home. As I said to Jolinka,  “I feel like we’re related”.

Tomorrow we head to Prince George and a much anticipated rest day.

So I don’t forget, this week we stayed in Prince Rupert (b&b), Kasik’s Wilderness Resort (camping), Terrace (b&b), New Hazelton (motel), Smithers (motel), Houston (b&b), Burns Lake (motel), Vanderhoof (warm showers).




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