Prince George

3 06 2015

We’ve just spent a lovely day in Prince George.

The bike has been tuned up and washed. We replaced the rear tire, but brakes chains and cables were all good. We also splurged on shoe covers.  After our experience of riding in the drizzling rain, and coping quite well, except for our feet, I was determined we were not to leave this city without foot protection!


The latest in fashionable footwear!

There’s more rain in the forecast, but weather predictions can change in the blink of an eye here, so I’m hoping we’ll dodge the weather.

Everyone tells us that the road between Prince George and Jasper is very isolated, with very few services. With that in mind, we’re following the same route as the Tour de Jasper, a supported bike ride that happens every July. Our first stop will be at Purden Lake,  there is a resort there and we’ve booked a cabin (remember what I said about unsettled weather? ) The next day we’ll have no choice but to camp. If all goes well, we’ll be able to find accommodation with a roof the following night. After 4 days of riding we’ll be in Jasper and can look forward to leaving the mountains.

We ended our day here with a movie,  a trip to the grocery store and a taxi ride back to our b&b. Our day of rest is almost over.




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