A Good Meal and a Glass of Wine

5 06 2015

It’s amazing how much better one feels after a good meal and a glass of wine (or a beer, depending on your preference).

We left Prince George the day before yesterday,  feeling refreshed and ready for the next leg of our trip. At one point I was tempted to skip the piece between Prince George and Jasper,  I was dreaming of bus schedules. But my partner would have none of it,  I’m glad I didn’t listen to my inner voice.

This part of the world is extremely isolated,  the traffic is much less and services are few. We stocked up on food and had a wonderful ride to Purden Lake.  We rented a cabin for the night and enjoyed having our own kitchen for the evening,  we even lit the wood stove–yes it was chilly! Spent the evening playing board games and watching a movie on a DVD player.


Our home for a night

The plan for the next day was to ride to LaSalle Lake where there is a very basic campsite (the only thing provided is a pit toilet, picnic table and bear proof garbage can).  But after 100 km of riding, this place would be enough. 


Richard, cyclist we meet at our lunch stop.

So much for plans.  We arrived at the turn off at about 3 pm. Totally soaked. Torsos were still dry but legs were not and even our new booties failed us.  Choice: set up camp,  huddle in a tiny tent,  try to dry out and avoid the swarms of mosquitoes,  or,  keep peddling, another 46 km, find a hotel and a warm shower.

Neither option had much appeal. But we chose to carry on.  12km outside of town,  we hit a rock.  Even though it was no fun fixing the flat, the mosquito population that came to visit us was a pretty good sign that we had made the right choice.


A spectacular view while fixing a flat. Small compensation.

We’re grateful to be in the town of McBride.




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