7 06 2015

In the last couple of days we’ve achieved a few milestones. Milestones is a strange word to use in a culture that measures distance in kilometers,  but it’s the best word I could come up with.


We make 1000 km on the Yellowhead highway.

From the beginning of this trip, I’ve said,  “if I can make it to Jasper,  I can do this”. Tonight we are in Jasper! After about 1600 km of riding,  I feel like a legitimate long distance cyclist and our goal of Halifax is entirely doable.

It took us longer to leave McBride than we would have liked.  We realized we would be getting to Jasper,  a very touristy town on a Saturday night,  reservations somewhere would be a good idea.  We also planned a rest day and from the beginning we agreed we did not want to camp on a rest day.  It took 14 phone calls but we finally had a B&B, a place to stay.

From McBride we cycled to the Mount Robson Mountain River Lodge where we had booked a cabin for the night. The place was truly spectacular. From our window we could see Mount Robson and hear the stream rushing past. Our lovely hosts cooked us a tasty salmon dinner with apple tarts for dessert, they served 8 guests around their dining room table that night.  I’m afraid we dominated the conversation a bit, but the questions about our trip never seemed to stop.



The view!

It was hard to leave the next morning,  but we knew Jasper was only 91 km away and after the first 20 km of hill climbing  the ride would be easier (relatively speaking). We passed in and out of Mount Robson Park.  We passed the border between British Columbia and Alberta. We entered a different time zone and lost an hour.  We entered Jasper National Park. (Entering a national park is really hard to miss,  the toll booth attendant dings everyone $10/day for the privilege of entering the park.)



We're both in this picture! We meet a young couple from Holland who were happy to take our picture.

After supper at the local brew pub, we began a conversation with a couple sitting beside us, on an adventure of their own. A British couple on a Canadian tour,  including Toronto,  Calgary,  Banff, Jasper,  Kamloops, Vancouver Island, and Vancouver, travelling by plane, train and car. It seems everyone in Jasper is from somewhere else,  we’re feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number of tourists.  A complete change from the isolation of the past week.

Looking forward to a day of doing nothing. A true rest day.




One response

9 06 2015
Simon Priestley

You certainly didn’t hog the conversation. Talking about the trip was fascinating as there were the other “amateur” cyclists there who were interested. Cracking views of Mount Robson weren’t there. We thoroughly enjoyed the extra two nights we spent there. Great walks in the area.

Look forward to hearing more about the trip as it goes on.

Simon and Ros
Durham England

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