Moving On

8 06 2015

We’ve had our rest day in Jasper and have moved further into Alberta.  Today’s ride was quite wonderful.  For most of the day the road was flat, the pavement was smooth,  and the wind was on our back.  At the halfway mark we had averaged 28 km/hr–pretty impressive for us.  The second half was not quite so fast, we had some hills to climb, but we still managed to get to Hinton in good time. I am amazed at how quickly we’ve left the high peaks behind and have entered the foothills.


Tonight,  we are at our second Warm Showers host. It’s always good to talk to others about shared experiences.

It was also great to have a rest day in Jasper.  It’s a very touristy town, it was tricky finding a place to stay,  I made 14 phone calls before I found a vacancy for the Saturday and Sunday night.   I find it interesting that it was marketed as a vacation spot,  from the time the railway first went through.  Even before the railway, there is no evidence that any tribe or group of people ever settled there. It has always been a place for transients.

We did have an interesting experience in Jasper.  Sunday evening Ken and I decided to have pizza for supper. We’ve eaten at Famosa Pizza in Edmonton and enjoyed their food, since it’s not a chain we have in Ontario we chose to go there.  Our pizza  arrived faster than expected.  You’d think it would be a good sign,  but it was not.  It was cold. I knew there were some toppings added after it came out of the oven,  but the crust, sauce and cheese were lukewarm at best.  When our server asked us how the food was, I decided to be honest. It was hard to say it,  but I just couldn’t pretend I was enjoying my meal.

My comment certainly caused a reaction.  A visit from the manager,  a complimentary pizza,  and an offer of dessert (which we refused). The only thing we paid for was Ken’s beer. After we left the pizza place we walked across the street and had dessert.


So I don’t forget,  places we’ve stayed since Vanderhoof:

Prince George,  2 nights,  b&b
Purden Lake,  cabin
McBride, hotel
Mount Robson Mountain River Resort,  cabin
Jasper,  2 nights,  b&b
Hinton,  Warm Showers




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