No More Excuses

10 06 2015

As we were cycling along yesterday,  the conversation turned to, where should we stay tonight?

For lots of good reasons, we’d had several nights under a real roof. But that day,  the weather was good, the forecast was good, the bugs weren’t bad, we were going a shorter distance,  there was a campground in a convienent place.  There was absolutely no reason not to camp. So we did.

We set up our tent in the campground just at the edge of Edson.  We were so close to town, we didn’t bother to cook,  but used the local restaurants.  So how did it turn out?


I find a friend at the campsite.

Beyond the fact that our tent is so small we need to coordinate rolling over, and our sleeping bag is so slippery it’s hard to keep it where it belongs,  the camp was very noisy.  The Yellowhead Highway never stops, trains go by frequently in the night. Many of our fellow campers were working people, leaving about 6 am and of course letting their oversized pick ups warm up for several minutes before leaving. The crowning glory was the individual who was sick,   somewhere near our tent at about 5:30 am. Vomiting has a special sound, all its own.  I know I shouldn’t judge but I can’t help but wonder if he or she had too much beer at wing night.

Neither one of was particularly refreshed when we left this morning,  but we carried on.  After 135 km,  we feel completely justified in our motel room in the little village of Wabamun.


The easiest place to park is often just taking a spot.

Cycling has become very different. We have said good bye to the mountains and its foothills, but we are not yet in completely flat country; I’d describe this part of the country as rolling.


Goodbye mountains!

We appreciate the paved shoulder on the Yellowhead,  but some of the time we’re wishing it was in better shape. Banging through the cracks in the pavement is hard on the body; I’m grateful that have not yet caused a tire to go flat.


Ken's new look!




One response

12 06 2015
Fran McQuail

Fun to catch up on your progress. Glad things are going well. Finally getting some rain here.

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