Forced Stops

13 06 2015

Ken and I are very goal oriented people.  Maybe it’s a throw back to our dairy farming days when there was always work to be done,  but we find ourselves focused on the job for the day.  We don’t often make a side trip (we really don’t need to pedal more! ), our breaks are rarely more than 10 or 15 minutes long,  we will often wait to have lunch until we’ve reached the destination for the day.

But I do have to pee! The roads of this country do not have enough “rest” stops and often the pit toilets typically found at a rest stop do not smell good. So, I keep a tissue handy and find a private bit of bush. Today, while attending to my most basic need,  I saw the prettiest flower, a lady’s slipper perhaps? I think it must be God’s way of forcing us to stop and enjoy his creation.


Last night we were in Beaumont,  at the home of a former co-worker and friend of Ken’s. We had left the Yellowhead Highway early in the day,  enjoyed some quieter roads for awhile,  but had to deal with rather heavy traffic (and flat tire # 6) closer to Edmonton. 


Today we cycled to Ponoka (in the rain! )and are enjoying the hospitality of my cousin and her husband.  It’s been years since we’ve seen each other and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them.


One of the best parts of this trip is the people. People whom we don’t see often and can spend time with, catching up. People whom we’ve never met, but are keenly interested in what we’re doing. They’ve all been wonderful to us.




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