Drizzle, Drizzle, Drizzle

14 06 2015

This part of the country is crying for some rain. Our server tonight told us that even though the water table is high,  the fields are parched and the hay is not growing. Sadly,  we seem to be bringing the area some badly needed moisture.  For the last three days we’ve been traveling under a black cloud.  Although,  it’s never poured, we’ve had enough drizzle to make cycling less than ideal.


Pumping Oil

Today,  for the first time,  we discussed ending the day early and holing up in a hotel,  hoping the weather would be better tomorrow.  By noon today,  we were wet,  cold and admittedly,  just a wee bit miserable.  We had lunch in Hardisty, about 60 km into the ride.  There was a hotel in this town, and we agreed if it was still raining when we had eaten,  we’d quit for the day.

It wasn’t raining so we passed the point of no return and began cycling the 90 km to the next hotel. We stopped at a general store and picked up a chocolate bar and a couple of butter tarts.  We agreed to stop and eat the tarts at km 110. They were the worst tarts we’ve eaten,  pastry was stale,  raisins were too chewy,  sugar had crystallized. But we ate every crumb.


Stopping for a Butter Tart

At km 130, we stopped and ate the chocolate bar.  It was stale too, but again,  we ate all of it. It amazes me how a bit of food can power you through some tough times.

We did finally manage to get to the village of Provost. 7 hours in the saddle. Totally exhausted.


We Sleep with our Bike!

In comparison,  yesterday’s ride, at a mere 117 km,  seemed easy,  at least in hind sight. We’ve forgotten starting and finishing in the rain,  the unexpected hills in the badlands, and the very grumpy man at our lunch stop.


The Badlands




One response

16 06 2015
Irene Parker

Hey Jocelyn and Ken! The biking duo!! So impressive and I am so envious. Just finished reading your interesting blog…i’ve got to encourage William to read it, maybe we can take on the challenge someday. I experienced a bevy of emotion while reading your daily journals. Very personal and relatable. Can’t wait to follow along the biking journey the rest of the way to NS!! The pic of you at the campsite with the chihuahua on your lap is most beautiful. Happy trails!!

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