Saskatchewan Sky

16 06 2015

In the last two days I’ve learned a lot about Saskatchewan.

First,  Saskatchewan is not flat. Yes,  it’s flatter than the mountains. Yes,  you can see a long way.  It’s even likely that if you were driving in a vehicle,  you would say this province was flat.  But you would be wrong.  From the perspective of a bicycle,  this part of the world rolls.  We’ve geared down a few times each day as we climb these hills,  we’ve even seen a few “steep hill” signs.

Second,  oil is big in this province.  We’ve passed field after field filled with oil pumps and have been passed by many trucks hauling crude oil. In a discussion with some gentlemen at a coffee shop we learned the land owner gets about $2000/pump for having it on their property,  but all the mineral rights are owned by the province.

Third,  the sky is big.  I found the mountains intimidating and somewhat ominous. But,  I love the wide open sky.  It, in some way,  gives me a feeling of freedom and of endless possibilities. At least when the sun is shining!


Given the weather forecast,  we may learn more about the prairie wind in the next few days.

We passed across the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan early in the day yesterday.  The sign welcoming us to Saskatchewan understated best.  I would hope more provincial pride is obvious at more major roads.


We ended in the village of Kerrobert, that’s Ker-robert, not Kerro-bert. Our night was spent in the scuzziest hotel we’ve been in yet. In the 5 star rating system,  I’d give it a 0. Without going into details,  I’ll just give you one example: the shower head was jerry rigged to the wall with a paper clip,  it was not a good fix. This town seems to exist to provide services to oil worker crews, to be tactful,  it’s a bit rough.

Today we cycled another 138 km,  to the town of Rosetown.  We took the advice of some locals who warned us the pavement along the route we had planned was terrible and we would be better to go through Kindersley, even though it added an additional 15 km to our trip.

In two days we should be in Moose Jaw. We are looking forward to another rest day!




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