And the Wind Blows

19 06 2015

As we travel through Saskatchewan we learn more and more about this province. Two things have had more of an impact on us than for the typical visitor traveling in a car.

First is the wind. The relentless, in your face, whistle through your helmet wind. Impossible to take a picture, but very real.

Second is the road.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a road sign for broken pavement in Ontario,  if I have it means something different in this province.


We’ve had two days of difficult cycling.  The first day we left Rosetown for Elbow. 150 km. The first 5 km the wind on our back.  The next 100 km the wind hit us on our left shoulder,  we discussed stopping part way,  but in a nowhere town, waiting another day for a rest day, and canceling a b&b reservation for Moose Jaw,  we decided to carry on. We were grateful when we turned a corner and for the last 45 km had the wind on our back.  Even if we were dodging potholes.


This ended up being our longest cycling day yet, with over 8 hours in the saddle.  We had called ahead to book a room in Elbow, good thing we did, the place is so small, the proprietor simply left the door to our room open and went home.


The next morning at breakfast, we realized we were the talk of the town.  It seemed everybody had either seem us on the road or heard about us. They also warned us about the road ahead.

We set out for another long day, this time to Moose Jaw. 125 km with the wind directly in our face,  the entire 125 km!  To add insult to injury, we learned broken pavement meant. It doesn’t mean dodging potholes.  It means the entire pavement has heaved.  It means loads of gravel have been randomly dumped in the worst places, but with no effort to keep it smooth or level. It means the road is so bad the locals will travel an extra 50 km to avoid on it.


We are so grateful we managed to get through it without a flat tire, bent wheel or cracked fork.

The highlight of our day, was meeting up with our good friend Matthew and two of his kids shortly after we arrived in Moose Jaw.  It was a short visit, not nearly long enough,  but exactly the boost we needed.


Today we rest in Moose Jaw.




2 responses

19 06 2015

It is a little odd sitting here by the computer, eating some of my baking and reading the things you two endure. Thanks so much for letting us share in your journey.

20 06 2015

It was really great meeting you two, as well. So good to see your faces!

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