The Search For Cider

21 06 2015

Warning: This post is written when I’m really tired and a little discouraged.  If you don’t want to listen to me whine, just don’t bother to read any further. 

We are spending our last night in the province of Saskatchewan. I can’t say I’m sorry to be leaving. We’ve had some tough days of cycling,  but my frustration tonight is more about the places we’ve found to eat. After a long day,  Ken really enjoys a beer with his supper.  I’m more of a wine person,  but when I’m somewhat dehydrated,  cider is a much better option. 

Of the seven evenings we’ve spent in Saskatchewan, I’ve managed to have one glass of cider.  Twice I’ve heard,  “more people have been asking,  we should order some”. Three times I got nothing but a blank look from the server.  Once I heard,  “the bar  just ran out”. Once I even had the manager come over and in a very heavy Italian accent ask,  “what you want?  Cider,  what is that?  We can mix for you”

No sir,  you can’t.  And don’t tower over me,  trying to make me seem stupid,  because you don’t know what cider is. I don’t get intimidated easily,  I just get pissed off!

The crowning glory of our Saskatchewan eating experience ended up with some kid’s hat in my supper. On a busy father’s day evening, we had the blessing of sitting right next to a “kids table”. Four kids under the age of ten, sitting at a table by themselves, totally ignored by their parents. Works fine at grandma’s house,  not so well in a restaurant. I gave the hat back when we left.


Supper with a side of baseball cap

We had a single rest day in Moose Jaw, the debate was to take a second day,  but the weather forecast was for a favourable tailwind.  The trip to Weyburn was the fastest cycling we’ve done so far.

Today’s trip from Weyburn to Carlyle was different.  We left earlier than usual since we knew the wind was going to get worse as the day went on. It did. Add some rain and a bit of hail.

The best part of the day?  We are in a Ramada Inn, with a comfy bed.


Boot scrapers at the front door of the hotel.




2 responses

22 06 2015

I thought of you when the weather news on the plane was for hail, thunderstorms, and maybe tornadoes through southern Saskatchewan.

22 06 2015

Fortunately, both the rain and hail were short, no tornadoes.

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