Creatures of Habit

23 06 2015

We are all creatures of habit. For a moment, think about all the things you do in a day,  often without thinking, are the same, day after day.  What you eat for breakfast, the way you brush your hair, the side of the bed you sleep on,  the list goes on.

On this trip we’ve been dragged away from our normal routine, but surprisingly quickly,  we develop new ones.  Ken attaches the pannier bags,  I pack the trailer–the same way, every time.  We take our first break after 60 minutes of pedaling. (Either one of us can call a break,  as the day wears on they get closer and closer together). We often have Tylenol with our first break of the day. (Yes, this trip has some aches and pains that go with it,  but I refuse to spend much time talking about them).

Our lunches are looking very routine as well.  We’ve learned we do best if we take a real break in the middle of the day.  A couple of granola bars and an apple at the side of the road gives us the nutrition we need,  but not the rest.  Whenever possible we’ll stop at the restaurant of whatever small town we’re passing through and have lunch. Almost always,  a shared order of a BLT and fries. Enough to keep us going,  enough to force us to stop for awhile,  not enough to make it difficult to cycle further.



Yesterday we crossed the border from Saskatchewan,  into Manitoba.  We celebrated by changing an inner tube. Most of the time,  a flat is very dramatic.  The tire is fine, then it’s not.  This one was a slow leak and we were able to choose when it was time to change it.

We spent last night in Reston. A friendly enough place, but nothing was open on Monday. Even when everything is open, not much would be happening.


Classy Accommodation!


Prettiest place in Reston. Beside the library--it was closed!

Tonight we are in Deloraine,  a slightly larger town, but not by much. It has a very interesting set of bird houses outside their visitor centre. Sadly,  the birds love it,  and with birds come bird poop, right on me.  Bullseye!


Purple Martin apartment building.

We recognize that last week, we worked too hard. This week,  we changed our route, what we originally planned to do in 5 days, we will do in 6.


Turn right at the banana!




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