Small Town Hotels

25 06 2015

Over the last several weeks, we’ve spent many nights in hotels in small towns.  One of the things I’ve noticed is that many of them are owned by new Canadians. For some reason, buying a small hotel in a small town seems to have appeal for those pursuing a new life.  Much of the area we’ve gone through is experiencing an oil boom, with lots of workers looking for places to stay. I’m sure these new hotel owners are expecting these oil workers to make a success of their business.

Sadly,  I don’t think it’s working.  These hotels are so run down,  so badly in need of updating,  it’s an uphill battle to make anything of them.  The money required to bring them up to modern standards is way more than can ever be made by renting to those passing through.


But no matter how run down,  no matter how gross, no matter how outdated,  or even how thin the towels are or how old the TV is,  I refuse to give them a bad rating on Tripadvisor.  Behind everyone of these hotels is a family, struggling to make a living, with hopes and dreams tied up  in a piece of tired real estate.

Besides,  as Ken reminded me last night,  I would have been thrilled with a room,  with a door and a private bath during our time walking the Camino.

We’ve entered another phase of our trip today we crossed the border into the US. Yesterday was our last night in Manitoba when we spent the night in Cartwright.  We had a very smooth border crossing, the custom officers seemed quite bored,  and told us we were the first cyclists they’ve seen this summer.


Tonight we are in Langdon,  ND, at a very comfortable Cobblestone Inn (with a whirlpool tub! )


Not sure what we’ll find in the next few days.  Accommodations are filling up quickly with the weekend and July 4 coming up.  We may have to pull out our camping gear!




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