Shadows and Clouds

28 06 2015

Scenery changes very slowly when you travel by bicycle. It feels like it was a long time ago that we left the mountains;  it feels like we’ve been traveling in flat country for a long time. Sometimes the only thing to look at is the shadow of the clouds as it plays with the green of the field.

There has been another shadow on this trip.  Ken’s mom is not well.  We keep in frequent touch with home,  we’ve put a roaming plan on our phone so our familiar number will work in the US, we count days of travel between major centers where car rentals and airports are available.  So far,  we’ve been encouraged to keep going,  if we’re needed, they’ll call.  But it’s hard being so far away,  on an adventure, when all is not well.

We’ve talked about sending our camping gear home, good thing we didn’t.  Two nights ago, in the town of Grafton, all the hotel rooms were booked.  It was Summerfest. Even though we had to tent it, it was worth it.  There was a rib fest in the evening and a pancake breakfast in the morning.  We were certainly well fed!


We spent the next night in Grand Forks,  where our bike got some love and attention at the Ski and Bike Shop.  They even fed us lunch!


Threads are showing through!

Another new back tire and some minor adjustments and it’s good to go.  We stocked up on inner tubes and feel we can tackle the roads with confidence again. We had supper at a really good pizza place and even spent some time walking by the Red River and listening to a freebie blues concert. All that inbetween rain and stormy weather.


Red River floods

Today,  we crossed into Minnesota and began traveling on Hwy #2. A road with very wide shoulders, sometimes even in good shape. 


Minnesota, home of Paul Bunyan and the Green Giant.

We arrived in Fosston, convinced we were going to camp.  The municipality has a small campground, and with a $5 cost, it was hard to go any where else.  So,  we picked out a place,  and did some exploring to find the bathroom. The bathroom is apparently shared with the municipal road workers, and it looks it.  The Super 8 is just up the road,  the kind woman at the desk upgraded us to the king suite, just so there would be room for our bike.  I feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury.





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