Musings in a Laundromat

30 06 2015

We are traveling light. Not sure if you’ve noticed,  but we are wearing the same clothes over and over again. But we still like to start the day with clean clothes. It’s especially important to start the day with clean bike shorts.  If you didn’t know,  one does not wear underwear under bike shorts, anything to prevent chafing! So, to prevent all kinds of nasty situations,  you want them to be clean when you pull them on in the morning.

The laundromat is our friend and we’ve seen all kinds on this trip.  Classy ones with coffee bars, simple ones in hotels,  in some places, machines dedicated to oily work clothes,  dirty ones, clean ones,  expensive and not so expensive. The one we used this afternoon, was not one of the best.  In an obviously poor part of town,  the place was shabby and not very clean. It smelled of poverty.


I couldn’t help but think of those who use a laundromat, regularly.  Those who either can not afford a machine at home, or have no space for one. The hassle of dragging dirty clothes, towels and linens to the laundromat.  The dreariness of the place.  The expense, as the machine swallows precious quarters.

We continue to make progress.  Last night were in Bemidji, MN. We chose to stay in a cabin that was advertised as “historic”.


I will now interpret that as “shabby, old,  crooked”.  In spite of the town drama surrounding Paul Bunyan, ( we found Bemidji to be one of the friendliest towns we’ve stayed in.

Tonight we are in Grand Rapids. Not the holy mecca of the Christian Reformed Church,  but Grand Rapids,  MN. A lovely b&b.


Ken’s odometer passed the 4000 km mark today,  but my GPS tracker only had us at about 3900 km. Not sure which one is closer to being right.




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