Slogging Along

3 07 2015

Today we began what feels like the “next leg” of the trip. This piece is from Duluth to Sault Ste Marie.  We feel like we’re jumping from one major center to the next,  at each spot evaluating whether we continue or head home to be with Ken’s mom. 

We arrived in Duluth the day before yesterday. After a harrowing ride down the hill into the downtown,  we checked into a Holiday Inn. It didn’t take us long to admit we were tired,  after twelve days straight of cycling we needed a break.  The hotel was happy us to have us stay an extra night,  so we did.  The extra day was spent exploring their waterfront in the morning and having a nap in the afternoon. 

Traffic in Duluth downtown can be a bit crazy, so we planned to leave as early as we could in the morning,  we even set an alarm for 6 am,  was ready to go at 7, and met our first  challenge at 7:45.  After consulting with the woman at the front desk of a random hotel, and the waitress at our breakfast place, it was clear.  The bridge we planned to take was closed. We had two choices.  Unsafe and illegal,  or huge detour.  We chose the detour,  adding an extra 20 km to the day.

When we finally got to the road we originally planned to take,  there was a sign prohibiting pedestrians and cyclists.


This time, we went with illegal.  It never occurred to us we would not be allowed to use the same highway we’ve been following since Grand Forks.  I guess Wisconsin has not considered long distance cyclists, and why would they,  the only other long distance cyclists we’ve met have all been Canadian.

We’re camping tonight,  in the of town of Ashland. Every hotel is full because of the July 4th holiday. The weather is fine,  so I’m OK that,  but I don’t understand why the RV park, gets showers (these huge units have showers) and the tent park does not have showers. I say  “not fair”. The lake was refreshing….

I’m feeling better about our day,  now that it’s almost over, and we’re sitting in a lovely restaurant, but I will admit,  the start of the day has to be one of the low points of this trip. 




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