Calculating Kilometers

5 07 2015

We’ve just finished 3 long days of cycling.  In the last 3 days we’ve covered over 400 km.  If you do the math that’s an average of 133 km. Whenever we have a day of over 100 km,  we try to break our  riding into manageable bits.


The first time to breathe a sigh of relief is when there are “only” 100 km left.  100 km is an average day,  we can do 100 km.

The more exciting goal is reaching 100 km.  That means we’ve only got 20-50 km left, should be easy.

At the same time,  we’re looking at how many kms are left.  If there’s only 60 km to go, that’s no more than a ride to the Miller Mall for ice-cream.  40 km left,  a Saturday morning ride for breakfast.  20 km,  a mere, quick trip to St. Helen’s and back, before supper.

In reality,  getting off the bike at the end of the day feels good, no matter how far we’ve gone.

Last night we spent a second night, in a row, in the tent.  We got into the middle of a small town 4th of July celebration,  even though we appreciated the welcome,  it made for a very short night.


Combined with crossing another time zone and losing an hour,  I’m really appreciating our private hotel room tonight.

Looking ahead,  we’ve got 3 easier days of riding,  then we’ll be back in Canada!




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