8 07 2015

I’ve been asked a few times if we’re ahead of schedule.  It’s a hard question to answer.  When we started the trip, we only had one deadline.  We need to be back before August 15.


Picture taken by Gary, long distance cyclist we met along the way.

But being the somewhat organized planner I am, a route was mapped out and a schedule  was made.  I knew it had to be flexible and the expected arrival date of July 27 in Halifax was not going to happen.  On this trip there were too many unknowns to make any certain plans.

This is what we’ve got so far.  My original plans had us arriving in Sault Ste Marie on the 5th of July and taking a rest day. The revised plan has us arriving in Sault Ste Marie on the 8th, but we’re not taking a rest day.  I think that makes us two days behind the original schedule–a result of reworking the route so we didn’t put in so many long days in a row.

Looking into the future,  we plan to take 2 days when we reach Sudbury,  but there’s no point in taking a rest day in Ottawa (our daughter and her family have moved so there’s less reason to stop there). When we reach Montreal,  actually Brossard,  we’ll be 3 days behind the original plan.  After that,  we’re thinking of changing the route completely and not going through Maine,  but staying in Canada,  we think it will take us 2 days longer, but will be a nicer ride.

The new, expected date of arrival in Halifax is August 1. But still entirely flexible.

Tonight,  we are in Newberry, MI, our last night in the US. Yesterday was a shorter day and we did some touristy stuff in Munising. Beyond being tourists, we were so grateful we made it to our destination before it started to rain.

We’re both looking forward to being back in Canada.




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9 07 2015
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Enjoying the blog and best wishes for the next leg of the journey!

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