Just Say Thank You

11 07 2015

The call we’ve been dreading for the last several weeks arrived Thursday morning. “Your mom is really sick and you need to come home”.

We were just outside Thessalon,  ON, a small village with not much in the way of services,  but good cell phone reception. We had one contact,  the brother of a friend.  But a single phone call was all it took.

Thank you to Jody,  a fellow long distance cyclist,  who could sympathize with what we were feeling and paid for our tea and butter tarts.

Thank you to the restaurant owner who let us hang out there for a couple of hours,  offered to store our bike and volunteered to find us a ride back to Sault Ste Marie.

Thank you to the customer in the restaurant who offered us a ride to where we needed to go.

Thank you to Craig and Beth, who went above and beyond.  Picking us up,  storing our bike, lending us their car and not worrying about when they’d get it back, offering to bring our bike and gear to southern Ontario on their next trip.

Thank you Glenn and Esther,  for returning the borrowed car and bringing bike and gear home.

Thank you to all those who offered us a place to stay while our house sitters are still there.

Thank you Tim and Karen for graciously sharing space.

It’s difficult to express the range of emotions we feel,  but we do know that at this time,  our place is with family.




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21 11 2015
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