In an Odd Spot

16 07 2015

It’s been a week since we left our “coast to coast” trip to be with Ken’s mom. She has improved enough to be moved to a regular ward,  but is still very ill and fragile.  We recognize there is no way we can pick up where we left off and wish to remain close to home. This year’s ride is over.

This puts us in an odd spot.

We have no responsibilities or obligations outside of family.  Neither of us has a job requiring our attention.  We are living in our trailer,  on our lawn,  while the people we loaned our house to continue to look for a more permanent home.  Since I wasn’t expecting to be here yet,  my pottery shop remains idle while I wait for my head to stop spinning.

We’re doing our best to make a difficult situation more positive and have decided to participate in the MS bike ride from Grand Bend to London next weekend, July 25 & 26.  It’s a ride we’ve done before; we’ve always been impressed with the level of organization.  Besides being a good cause to support, it’s a fun ride; I’m hoping it will help us transition from cycle life to real life.


If you would like to support us in this, I’ve enclosed the links for both myself and for Ken. Of course, cheques and cash can be given to us, we’d love the chance to visit with you! 



As for next year……maybe we’ll do eastern Canada.




One response

16 07 2015
Claudia Baskerville

Halifax or bust next year. Put me down for twenty dollars and I will pay you when I see you.

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