30 05 2016

Day 4, 121 km, 17.5 km/hr

We have successfully completed day 4 and have made it to Darlington Provincial Park. Our first  night of camping.

This morning we said goodbye to our Warm Showers hosts,  Tricia and Doug.  We were their first ever warm shower guests,  I hope their experience was positive enough they’ll do it again.  I know I’m happy to recommend them,  good conversation and a welcoming home,  what more could wandering travelers ask for?


Our route today took us through the urban areas of Toronto and surrounding municipalities. I know that each of these communities see themselves as quite distinct but to me it’s one big blob, country bumpkin that I am.

Following the Waterfront Trail,  we cycled through residential areas,  recreational trails,  a few bigger roads and one harrowing construction site (we had about 12″ between the construction pylons and the streetcar tracks,  I appreciated Ken’s steady nerves and exceptional navigation skills!) Other than the construction zone,  I never felt unsafe.


We learned to navigate these without stopping!

However,  it was impossible to make any speed and the day got longer and longer,  we did not get to the park until 6 pm,  both of us grateful to get off of the bike. We even splurged on a bag of ice to make our beer and cider really cold!



33, feels like 37

28 05 2016

We have safely completed our second day of cycling and are safely watching netflix in our Caledonia apartment.

But just barely.

Today was hot,  really hot. Both of us feel we’ve accomplished something by getting here without throwing up or passing out from the heat. During supper we discussed changing the plan to make each day a little shorter,  if the heat doesn’t let up,  we’ll certainly consider it.

We left our b&b this morning about 9:30 am. It was very cool to be able to stay in a caboose.  Our host Bob has a train hobby which includes small trains running through his gardens.


As we cycled through dairy country we came across some heifers cooling off in a creek.  It might not be environmentally friendly,  but looked like a good place to hang out.


We Begin Again

26 05 2016

It’s Thursday,  the 26th of May. We leave tomorrow to finish our trip across the country.

So much has happened in the last year, it’s hard to actually process it all.  10 days after we left our trip last year,  Ken’s mom died. Cancer is a bitch. 7 months later,  my dad also died.  The best medical care wasn’t enough.

Throw in a new job for Ken and the challenge of living in two different places,  I can only say it’s been a tough year.

But we’re going to finish!

In many ways I’m feeling incredibly relaxed about the preparations.  We’ve done enough cycle touring to know what to expect and what works for us. We’ve made some changes to what stuff we’re taking (less! ), we’ve upgraded some of our camping gear (lighter! ), we’ve got our first 3 nights planned.  Both of us have put as many kms on the bike as we did before we left last year and this year the first days of riding will be much flatter.

But,  there’s always something to stress about.  Every year we’re a little bit older,  will our bodies cope with the physical stress? Every time we leave we miss something at home,  a wedding,  our grand-daughter’s birthday  (2 years in a row!), the flowers in the garden.

This year we also worry a little more about safety.  Last July a local cyclist was hit by a car,  her life will never be the same.  I’m now part of committee looking at cycling safety within the county,  we talk about safety a lot. Will our bright clothes protect us? Will new rules of the road convince motorists to give us more space?  Will they care if they run us off the road?

In any case,  we leave tomorrow,  rain or shine.  Trusting that God will watch over us,  keep us safe and give us a time of renewal.


Packing--notice the flag, another safety feature!