30 05 2016

Day 4, 121 km, 17.5 km/hr

We have successfully completed day 4 and have made it to Darlington Provincial Park. Our first  night of camping.

This morning we said goodbye to our Warm Showers hosts,  Tricia and Doug.  We were their first ever warm shower guests,  I hope their experience was positive enough they’ll do it again.  I know I’m happy to recommend them,  good conversation and a welcoming home,  what more could wandering travelers ask for?


Our route today took us through the urban areas of Toronto and surrounding municipalities. I know that each of these communities see themselves as quite distinct but to me it’s one big blob, country bumpkin that I am.

Following the Waterfront Trail,  we cycled through residential areas,  recreational trails,  a few bigger roads and one harrowing construction site (we had about 12″ between the construction pylons and the streetcar tracks,  I appreciated Ken’s steady nerves and exceptional navigation skills!) Other than the construction zone,  I never felt unsafe.


We learned to navigate these without stopping!

However,  it was impossible to make any speed and the day got longer and longer,  we did not get to the park until 6 pm,  both of us grateful to get off of the bike. We even splurged on a bag of ice to make our beer and cider really cold!





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