1 06 2016

Presqu’ile to Bath–108 km, 21.4 km/hr

I admit today was a tough day,  probably because of a distinct lack of sleep. Years ago we had a bad experience with racoons while on a cycling trip.  So,  I bought a bear bag.  A bag meant to keep critters out of your food supply, made of fabric that creatures can not get through and a sturdy tie that unless you have opposable thumbs you can not open.  It works well,  WHEN YOU USE IT!!!

We had no trouble the night before in Darlington and when we arrived at our campsite in Presqu’ile it never occurred to me things would be different. Ken is a very light sleeper and it didn’t take long for him to hear our nocturnal visitors,  he got up,  chased them away,  moved the food (mostly chocolate and granola bars) to the tent. I know,  rule #1 of camping–no food in the tent,  but locking our provisions in the trunk of the car wasnt going to work.

By then,  I was awake enough to realize I needed to use the bathroom,  while I was gone,  Ken checked his e-mail–big mistake. Before we drifted off to sleep, the racoons came back.  This time they took our bag of pills,  they make a very distinctive rattle and Ken was up and out like a shot.  Some of those pills are expensive!

I’m sure,  in the future, the vision of Ken chasing a raccoon up a tree, in the park,  in the dark,  wearing nothing but his underwear will make us laugh.  But for today,  it made for some tired bodies.

Tonight we are in a b&b.