Wind on our Back

6 06 2016

Louiseville, QC, 124.48 km, 22.6 km/hr

Such a contrast between yesterday and today.  The sky was a mix of cloud and sun,  but only a few drops of rain. When we got out of the city, we realized the wind was on our back,  yes!!! The last 30 km into Louiseville were the easiest cycling of the day.

But that doesn’t mean the day was not without its challenges.  First I neglected to ask for cycling directions from Google maps, I’m grateful I noticed before we ended up on a major road.  Then the GPS seemed to be a bit sluggish and we would miss critical turns,  ended up pedaling about 8 more kms than we expected to.  We learned that the pedestrian/cycle bridges crossing major roads are very useful,  but carrying the bike and the trailer up and around huge staircases is work!

I’m struck by the variety of places we are staying.  In the days since we’ve left,  we’ve camped 3 times.  Camping is a totally fine thing to do,  but often a bed is better.  We’ve stayed with 2 Warm Showers hosts, such a good way to meet other cyclists! We stayed with a friend; we so much appreciate the hospitality of Cathy and her help in getting us and our stuff dry again. And tonight we are spending the 3rd night at a b&b.


Thank you, Cathy!

Overall,  the trip is going well,  but I confess that after 11 days on the road I’m looking forward to a rest day. Two more days of cycling should put us in Quebec City and our first real day off.