A Good Day

8 06 2016

Today was a good day,  in so many ways.

1) We arrived at our destination dry. Except for our feet,  our cycling sandals did not dry overnight and our feet were wet the entire day.  But the rest of us remained dry and so did our stuff.

2) It was a shorter day,  only 63 km. We were off the bike by 2pm,  nice! Though we were defeated by one hill getting here,  granny gear just wasn’t good enough.  And this hill was in the city where lots of people could see us!

3) We made it to Quebec City! This was one of our mini-goals for the trip,  now it feels as if this trip is do-able.


Can you spot the laundromat? We couldn't either, but we could smell it and knew it was nearby.

4) Clean laundry.  Clean  (and dry) laundry always makes me happy!


We explore the Notre-Dame de Quebec Basilica- Cathedral while the laundry dries.

5) There is a good bike shop near by. Ken wore out  a set of pedals,  broke a piece off his clip.  The front tire needs replacing, the treads are worn through. What’s with that? It only has 8000 km on it, but we decided we really didn’t want the tire exploding part way down a hill. At the half way point of the trip a little attention is a good thing.

6) And the high-light of the day?  We met some lovely people along the way.  Jalyssa and Ryan, you made my day!