12 06 2016

Back in the day,  when our kids were young,  we would go camping for our family vacations.  If it rained,  everyone would load up into our vehicle and head for the nearest urban center.  We’d have a meal in a restaurant and do a little shopping,  either clothes or some piece of camping equipment and invariably a trip to the grocery store for more food.

Today felt a lot like those rainy camping days.   We woke up to a cold, wet, miserable day.  It took a lot of discussion but we decided to stay an extra day in Riviere du Loup.  After breakfast at a neighboring hotel,  we stopped at the office to ask if our room was available for an extra night.

We were taught, once again, how kind people can be, especially to those traveling by bicycle. The owner was at the desk, insisted her husband drive us to the mall, lent us her umbrella and upgraded our room for the second night.  Her husband was happy to drive us and took us for a tour of the entire town before dropping us off at the local “commercial centre”.


The sky was much more grey. We saw this from the comfort of our host's car!

We wandered the mall for a few hours, and had a bite to eat, just like rainy days during family vacations.  The big difference–we bought very little, though we did make a stop at the grocery store to replenish our supply of snacks and found a new flag for the trailer.

The forecast for tomorrow is better than today,  but still not great. I think we’re going to ride anyway.


Our new flag. Found at Canadian Tire!