No More Rail Trail!

16 06 2016

We learn slowly.

There is a rail trail in New Brunswick.  We entered the province on a rail trail that was a continuation of the raill trail in Quebec.  The first few km were great and very well maintained.  Sadly,  it didn’t stay that way.  Every day,  for the last 4 days,  we’ve made the decision to try the NB Sentier trail, usually to avoid another hill. 

It’s always a mistake.  Today was no different,  the trail went from not bad to horrible. I’ve come to the conclusion that a badly done rail trail is worse than no trail at all. I can’t help feeling that it would be better to invest in paved shoulders or  other cycling infrastructure rather than doing a half-assed job of a trail. Next time we’ll tackle the hill.


We took a break at the longest covered bridge in the world, Hartland, NB

There’s another frost warning in effect for this area,  so we’re camping at a Howard Johnson’s. This place is much more comfortable than last night’s “accommodation”, but not the place we’ll remember in months to come.

Tomorrow we reach Fredericton. We’ll be looking for another bike shop, the tires we put on in Quebec City are not doing well,  I think we’ll be changing them.