From Travelers to Tourists

26 06 2016

Today we reached our destination of Halifax.


We took the ferry from Dartmouth to Halifax, turns out the bridge is closed on weekends.

There is a lot tied up in that short sentence. First, there’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment, we made it!  Even though we had to do the trip in two parts,  over two summers,  we have cycled from coast to coast.  We’ve stayed safe and at the end of the trip, we can even say we still like  each other. We’ve done something very few people have.

There’s relief.  We can give our bodies some rest, we don’t have to figure out where we’re going to stay or where the best route is or how to avoid those big hills.  (Mostly,  you can’t avoid the hills–just suck it up and pedal! )

But there are other emotions as well. Cycling across the country had been our goal for what feels like a long time.  First the months (years) of planning, setting out from Vancouver, being called home partway through,  making the decision to finish the trip and then actually reaching our goal.  Looking ahead,  life looks a little empty.  We need a new goal,  but haven’t a clue what that will be.

At one of our rest stops,  in a town I don’t even remember,  we spoke to a young couple heading into the restaurant for lunch as we were heading out.  They were obviously busy with their young children,  but wanted to spend a few minutes talking.  Turns out,  they were long distance cyclists,  before other commitments changed their life.  She said “we used to be that cool couple”.  I worry we’ll become one of those couples who have nothing left but stories we’ll tell over and over, a “used to be cool couple”.

We’ll figure it out.

For right now,  we are comfortable in an Airbnb rental unit,  we’re looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and being ordinary tourists for a few days. 


We have supper at the Bicycle Thief, thought it was a good name.