Life Changes

18 12 2016

This week,  Huron County got hammered by a major snow storm. Typical of the area,  roads were closed,  school buses did not run,  events of all kinds were cancelled,  Facebook was full of winter scenes and stories of harrowing drives. 

Ken and I missed it all. 

This week we made a major move,  400 km, the other side of Toronto,  to Picton,  ON. The move went relatively smoothly,  thanks in large part to Oneida Movers, their careful packing and totally amazing ability to back up a truck into tight places.  We managed to sneak the move in between snow squalls, the truck did not get stuck in our lane way, we did not run out of boxes. 

The first day, while stronger people than me were carrying stuff,  I managed to unpack a couple dozen boxes.  By evening,  we were sitting in a put together living room,  managed to have a supper of pancakes in an almost organized kitchen and slept in a comfy bed with clean sheets. 

When I look around,  there’s lots of work left to do.  Both the garage and the basement have stuff piled to the ceiling.  We’re building a shed to accommodate various  hobbies,  and the basement is getting finished (we want lots of room for guests). We’re also noticing various places that were not quite finished when the house was built.

But,  life gets even more interesting. 

Ken has accepted a call to the Fruitland CRC. Another interim position,  2 years,  75% starting Feb. 1. Which means we’ll  be living in two places again. So after spending 2 nights in our new home,  we traveled to Stoney Creek,  spent a day with a realtor,  and purchased a condo.  

I’ve been focused on looking ahead,  and admit to being extremely busy.  Changing your life is exciting.  And even though,  sometimes,  I think my head might explode with having to make too many decisions,  all at once, hugs and snuggles with grand kids makes it all worth it. 

But let’s be honest,  we’ve both left something precious behind.  A church community we’ve been part of for so many years. I won’t forget our last Sunday,  both the official send off in the morning and the casual get together at our house in the evening. 

A group of cycling friends,  whether we cycled that day or not.  A group of women who’ve supported each other for over 30 years.  A small town where it always took an hour longer to run errands than it should have. 

I know it won’t be the same,  but I’m confident the bonds of friendship will remain. We’re looking forward to having many people choose to vacation in “the County” and spending some time with us. 

In the meantime,  I miss the excitement of a Huron County snowstorm.